Rantasalmi is famous for its amazing scenery and magnificent ice skating routes in the waters of Linnansaari National Park and Lake Rauanvesi.

In the summer, Lake Haukivesi, part of the renowned Saimaa Lake System, lures the boat folks and wanderers to enjoy the beautiful nature of the region. The Linnansaari National Park is accessible by boat, and the independent adventurers can rent row boats and canoes. Visitors can also experience the charming nature of Saimaa ringed seals on board of a seal cruise.

Rantasalmi is known for Pekka Lipponen, a fictional figure, who has made his name in shows such as Lipposmarkkinat –fair, which is arranged on the fi rst Saturday of each August, as well as participating in a high school music theatre and a brass orchestra. The Nature Center Oskari, located in the center of Rantasalmi, guides visitors to the nature experiences of the Linnansaari National Park. In addition to well-functioning municipal services, Rantasalmi provides versatile, year-round tourism services as well as plenty of sports opportunities. Feel free to visit our 9-hole golf course and our vast, high-quality ski track network. The ice hockey arena and ice skating routes provide excellent ice sports opportunities.


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Safe living

The clean environment of the municipality is a joy to live in. There are plenty of available homes in the vicinity of services in the downtown area, in the charming villages and the peaceful lakeside. Rantasalmi provides municipal services which are implemented by Mikkeli, Savonlinna and Varkaus. Tight co-operation with neighbouring municipalities ensures solid services in the future as well. Rantasalmi is a community with a strong sense of solidarity and activity!

Plots of land

Secretary of environmental affairs
Airi Yletyinen
Tel. +358 40 161 5008

Rental apartments

Apartment secretary (available monday-friday from 9 am to 12 pm)
tel. +358 50 571 2510

Excellent opportunities for success

Entrepreneurship is Rantasalmi’s strength. A signifi cant proportion of our businessmen are young adults. Rantasalmi provides a solid foundation for entrepreneurship. The municipality has been engaged in purposeful livelihood politics, which has helped to bring in several successful companies to the area. The municipality’s main industries are agriculture and forestry, tourism, as well as metal and wood industry.

Further information

Development Manager Johanna Keränen
Tel: +358 40 16 15 033
Email: johanna.keranen@rantasalmi.fi